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We are creating homes packed with sustainable design ideas


“Live an inspired life” is my personal motto and one I have used in creating  Zigzag Studio. My designs are inspired by our surroundings and my own curiosity.  

Zigzag Studio is an interior design company based in Washington D.C area.

We listen, create and lead our clients to one-of a kind  designs.

It is important to build timeless and sustainable designs that last.

           The most important thing to us is to make a house a home by creating spaces

that fit each individual client.

My daily life is one of a busy mom and wife. Our two active boys bring my husband and I much happiness and joy watching them achieve in school and participate in many activities. Besides my main priority of spending time with my family, including our pup Teddy

 I enjoy hobbies of chilling out with a book, creating "hygge" moments, exploring new places, visiting art museums, and listening to music. 

I am thankful for my supportive customers who have trust my vision. 

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